Accommodations & Travel


Accommodations & meals are the financial responsibility of the student and/or funding source.

There are 2 hotels centrally located in Saskatoon, SK that offer monthly rates of $750 – $1,200.

There is another hotel located 3.5 kms outside of Saskatoon, SK on highway 11 and Grasswood road which offers a monthly rate of $1,125 for single occupancy or a rate of $1,425 for double occupancy.  This hotel may be suitable for those wanting a quieter location but is furthest from training site.

Delisle, SK or Vanscoy, SK hotels are closer to office/training site.  Accommodations in Delisle, SK (*students recommend) are available for low rates ranging from $225/week or $850/month.  Discounted nightly rates are available as well.

Some students choose to camp at Pike Lake Provincial Park which is located within closest proximity to office/training site and would be the most affordable option.  Camping is not available until mid-end of May.

***For a more extensive list of affordable nearby hotel accommodations along with contact #’s, please contact our office!***


Travel to and from the training site each day is also the responsibility of the student.   The office/training site is approx 40- 45kms SW of Saskatoon, SK (a total of approx 80-90kms of travel each day).  Students tend to make carpooling arrangements amongst themselves to save on fuel costs.

 ***For a map with directions to our office/training site, please contact our office!***