16 Hour PME Competency

This program is offered to those individuals that can demonstrate the knowledge and competencies in the operation of Powered Mobile Equipment and don’t need a full training program.   This course will ensure that the operator has been trained in accordance with Occupational Health & Safety Regulations of the selected powered mobile equipment.

-Certificate does not expire-
Operators should be re-evaluated in situations where they have not been operating a specific type of PME regularly for a period of 3 years.


2 days x 8 hours per day = total of 16 hours


1st day consists of in-class instruction (theory) reviewing safety regulations, a review of the operator/maintenance manuals of the equipment, followed by an exam.

2nd day consists of the powered mobile equipment evaluations (practical).  A review and evaluation of the operators knowledge and competencies of the controls & functions of the equipment.


Excavator            Grader             Dozer             Skid Steer            Articulated Truck

COST: $1,600
***no taxes or additional fees charged***

The price is based on 1 individual / 2 pieces of equipment
(more pieces of equipment can be added, with a rate of $300 per piece)

Contractors, RM’s, individuals – we can come to YOU, utilizing YOUR equipment, for a base rate of $2,400 to train/ticket multiple individuals on multiple pieces of PME! (contact us for a quote)

***For a list of potential Funding/Sponsorship options, please visit our Financial Assistance page! ***


ALL TUITION PAYMENTS must be received by the Institute on or before the program START DATE – NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Institute does not accept debit/credit card transactions.  Payment must be made in the form of cash, cheque, certified cheque, money order or by e-transfer to pti@sasktel.net.

* Should debit/credit be your preferred choice of payment, please visit any Canada Post office to purchase a money order in that form and forward the money order to the Institute.


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