Financial Assistance


Currently receive or have received EI Benefits?
Contact local EI (Can Sask) office nearest you to find out if you are eligible for the Skills Training Benefit or Reach Back Program!

If you are from Manitoba, contact Employment MB 1-866-MANITOBA

Are you First Nations?
Contact your band or tribal council to start a funding application!

Are you Metis?
Gabriel Dumont Institute/Dumont Technical Institute assists Metis individuals with funding for career & employment training.

 Contact the local GDI office nearest you!  May be limitations on funding amounts.

Aboriginal Woman?
Saskatchewan Aboriginal Women’s Circle Corporation assists Aboriginal women in many areas including assistance with cost of education.  Contact Nichol with SAWCC at (306) 783-1511 or e-mail

Injured Worker?
Contact your local Workers’ Compensation Board to find out if you are eligible for funding/sponsorship!  Must have a current WCB claim.

***For a more extensive list of potential Funding/Sponsorship sources along with contact #’s, please contact our office! ***


If you do not qualify for any funding/sponsorship, you can always look towards obtaining a loan through the bank.  For financial assistance, contact your local financial institution (bank) to apply for a student line of credit or personal loan.  Registered Education Funds can be applied.

Please Note:  the HEO training programs we offer are under the required minimum program length of 6 weeks in order to qualify for a student loan through the government.


If you are seeking funding or loan to cover your program costs and are approved, the School requires a letter of confirmation in order to officially enrol you in the program.  

This confirmation will be due 2 weeks prior to the program start date, to allow enough notice to any enrolled students, in the event that the program should be cancelled due to a low enrolment rate.