Financial Assistance


Currently receive or have received EI Benefits?
~contact your local EI office to inquire about the Skills Training Benefit and if it is still being offered~

If you are from Manitoba, contact Employment MB 1-866-MANITOBA

Injured Worker?
Contact your local Workers’ Compensation Board to find out if you are eligible for funding/sponsorship!  Must have a current WCB claim.

Gabriel Dumont Institute/Dumont Technical Institute assists Metis individuals with funding for career & employment training.

 Contact the local GDI office nearest you!  May be limitations on funding amounts.

Contact your band or tribal council to start a funding application!  You can also contact ASETS (Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy) or the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

Aboriginal Woman?
Saskatchewan Aboriginal Women’s Circle Corporation assists Aboriginal women in many areas including assistance with cost of education.  

***For a more extensive list of potential Funding/Sponsorship sources along with contact #’s, please contact our office! ***


If you do not qualify for any funding/sponsorship, you can always look towards obtaining a loan through the bank.  For financial assistance, contact your local financial institution (bank) to apply for a student line of credit or personal loan.  Registered Education Funds can be applied.

Please Note:  the HEO training programs we offer are under the required minimum program length of 6 weeks in order to qualify for a student loan through the government.


If you are seeking funding or financing to cover your program costs and are approved, the School requires a letter of confirmation in order to officially enrol you in the program.  

This confirmation will be due 1 week prior to the program start date, to allow enough notice to any enrolled students, in the event that the program should be cancelled due to a low enrolment rate.